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13 February 2008 @ 05:49 pm
Title: Chuck Versus The White Coat [1/1]
Rating: G
Word Count: 916
Character/Pairing: Chuck/Sarah
Summary: Chuck and Sarah venture into their relationship and go through a few things along the way.
A/N: A hopeful 'What If' for our favorite Buy More employee and CIA agent. Written for the Chuck/Sarah Valentines' Day Challenge at dont_freakout with the prompt heartbeats. Fluff. I really tried my best to make it good. Un-beta'd, all mistakes are mine. :)


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31 December 2007 @ 09:37 pm
Title: Chuck Versus The Spastic Colon
Rating: G
Word Count: 548
Characters/Pairings: Implied Chuck/Sarah, Ellie
Summary: What happens when Sarah finds out that Chuck protected their cover with the most embarassing story?
A/N: Just something that popped into my head last night. Thought I might as well just post it. This is my first Crack!fic and my first Chuck fic. I would really appreciate it if you told me what you think.

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31 December 2007 @ 08:10 pm
Hey, everyone! :)

I'm Bea and this is my brand new graphics and fic community.
I'm a little new to all this techie stuff so I don't know if I can promise super frequent, everyday updates. I will, however, try my best to do as much as I can.

I'll just be posting my graphics, such as  icons, banners, headers and whatever else I can create.  I will also post some fics. I can post some old ones and my new ones.

I don't have much but my main fandoms are Veronica Mars, Chuck, Pushing Daisies, Gossip Girl, Friends, Bones, Private Practice and I'm sure there's something I'm forgetting. I usually make my graphics and fics about said fandoms but I will take requests from time to time.

It would really make my day if you joined and friended this community. :) Don't forget to credit and comment.
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